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Unofficial FontLab/Python API Reference

Version 1.030324AT.01, last updated on Mar 24, 2003 by Adam Twardoch

Reference mainly based on FontLab 4.5.2 Win, portions based on FontLab 4.5 Mac

This reference documents FontLab-specific Python classes and properties.

This reference was compiled by Andreas Eigendorf and Adam Twardoch and may contain errors and omissions.

This reference is delivered in two versions: the XML version (XML with XSL formatting), and the HTML version. The HTML version is default but users of XML-capable browsers such MS Internet Explorer 6 for Windows, Opera 6, Netscape 7 can view the XML version. If you download the reference for offline browsing and modify it, please edit the XML documents, not the HTML documents. Then, double click on make_html.bat to rebuild the HTML version from the XML documents on Windows. If you extend or update the reference, please send your updated files to both contributors.

This reference is hosted by the FontLab on Steroids project at the address and is not affiliated with or endorsed by FontLab Ltd. FontLab(R) is registered trademark of FontLab Ltd and is used under permission. This compilation copyright © by Andreas Eigendorf and Adam Twardoch.